About us


Hello, my name is Mateja. Even as a small child, I often looked up at the sky and wondered where the stars and planets were and how they could be reached. I thought about whether there was other life, because even then the earth seemed very small to me.

The thoughts stayed, broadened and deepened, but also the collective thought and society shaped me. Finally, I chose a path that seemed a little less magical, but in retrospect led me to MATASH LIIV. After a commercial apprenticeship, a short stay abroad, the assignment in an international company and later employed in a leading position, I knew that I wanted to change something significantly. I asked myself about the meaning of life and in a personal process I recognized my purpose in life. That’s how I founded MATASH LIIV.

MATASH LIIV offers a platform to purchase handmade, high vibration and ritual products that serve holistic well-being. Most of the products are created by people who have developed a special ability to give the products a unique energetic vibration and understand them on a deeper level. Certain products are single items or only available in certain quantities or varieties. Others are limited, depending on what nature provides us with at any given time.

Soon we would like to expand our offer and provide various services. If you have any questions, you can of course get in touch with us at any time – we look forward to hearing from you!

There is much more behind MATASH LIIV than just my person. It is a team of therapists, medium, healer and experienced professionals. We create our own products together and use them as well as those of our friends & suppliers privately or in the therapeutic environment. It is very nice to experience how the unique creations find exactly the person who is destined and receptive to them at that moment. Have you already found what you are looking for in this life?

I wish you much joy with us.