Ma – means – noble – moon

La – means – color play of life – life play.

Mala is the name for a prayer chain (“meditation wreath”) common in Hinduism and Buddhism, usually worn around the neck or wrist. It usually consists of 108 individual beads and one additional bead, the “guru bead” (paying homage to my teacher). The number 108 embodies, among other things, the 108 names of Indian deities, 108 energy points (marma points) of our chakras, the 108 volumes of the collected teachings of Buddha, 108 multiplying the 12 astrological houses (signs of the zodiac) with the 9 planets, 108 the number of wisdom for the highest perfection 1 + 0 + 8 = 9, in short, a wonderful number.

A Mala – prayer chain / meditation companion may also be used as a thought chain or as a wish chain.

Mala’s are our daily companions and supporters. The Mala’s of Mul Malas/MATASH LIIV are all hand knotted ritually and as unique pieces by Anita, after she has carefully selected the appropriate stones and other materials. As soon as a Mala is ready, it is made by Anita and is then ready to support and accompany the one particular person, in their own tasks.

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