Incense blends

Smoking. What, how, for what?

Smoking has been an important part of human life for thousands of years and is still part of everyday life in many cultures. In our latitudes, smoking was originally used mainly for cleaning and disinfection of living spaces and stables.

The fragrances released by incense have a stimulating, relaxing, clarifying, invigorating or cleansing effect on body, mind and spirit, depending on which herbs are burned.

To use the particular incense blend, you can simply fill a small bowl with regular sand, place a piece of incense charcoal on it, light it and put some of the incense blend on it. Now you can just wait for the bark, herb and root to burn and spread their clearing effect. To perceive better, it helps if you sit down and close your eyes. Perhaps you would like to imagine how you walk your path? What images come up? Where are you? What are you doing? What do you hear? What do you smell and taste? How does it feel to be completely with yourself?

Try to concentrate on this for 10 minutes at a time. If your thoughts wander, this is a sign that something inside you is still resisting the idea or blocking the goal.

Each incense blend has been channeled and composed by Bettina Pörtig. The blend is about more than just the individual components. They are all unique and very special….

We wish you a lot of fun trying them out.

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